Monday, September 12, 2011

Fates Determination

I stand before a granite door with hinges rusted through
Dwarfed in size, the patterns swore into skies of blue
Hands tremble as I contemplate the choice I have to make
Turn away and life is gay or knock and see my fate

The road behind I know too well is full of broken hearts
The sins of past and heartless acts echo tearing me apart
The dark behind has left me blind to all I can become
The shadows cast eerie apparitions I cannot break away from

Before me stands a fate unknown which stupefies my soul
To walk right through could bring me to a grand celestial pole
Or cast me back into the fulminating adumbrates
Harm intent they hold in hand perfect little bait

My heart cries out for what it knows, my mind is overcome.
Hand reaches high and knows not how, yet sounds upon the drum
Breath does catch as the unknown has now come to unfold
Change is neigh and conscience wry I stand alone and cold

What once was so enveloping has now lost all its pertinence
As shadows slurk and stalk away in irascible discontent
I, paralyzed am struck by Olympian silhouettes
As compelled I am to step forward to possible new threats

What is to be is not yet known, nor can I expect it so
The path is laid before now I just have to go
To take the steps demanded of is only half the battle
Learning from what’s left behind will prove I am no chattel

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