Saturday, October 15, 2011

May your dreams come true

Pouvoir vos rêves se réalisent.  Or in English, may your dreams come true.  Funny, how we grow up believing that phrase.  As Americans we are told we can do whatever we want to do, be whatever we want to be, that is why so many want to come here.  We watch Disney films that tell us to wish upon a star, but don’t tell us where that star to wish on is or how to find the end of the rainbow.  We go to school with the purpose of getting a good job, settling down, and changing the world.  But no one tells us how do it. 

What about those who have no specific dream?  What about those who want to make an impact but don’t know how?  How do their dreams come true?  How do you help them find a purpose?  How do you tell someone to have faith that it will come to them, to take action towards their dreams when they do not know what they are?  What if their dreams change or no longer exist?  Why can’t the dream be to have a dream?  

Americans are great at telling people what they want to hear.  We don’t like causing a fuss because it could stop us on our road of self preservation and selfish desire.  But the reality is, especially in an economy like this one, dreaming is for the fortunate.  By fortunate I mean more than economically.  I mean you are fortunate if you know your purpose in life, if you have a reason to get up every morning.  You are fortunate if you are loved.  Can love. Fortunate is knowing your dreams and way to start towards the amazing path that is you.  

So how do we help those people who are lost?  Who woke up today without a job?  Those who feel alone surrounded by many who love them?  How do we encourage others to dream big and reach for the stars?  Why can’t the stars reach for them?  How do we fix those who feel broken?  

I heard the other day poverty is more than lack of finance, it is lack of dignity.  I have been thinking about what that means.  Can you be a Bill Gates and still be in poverty?  We know money can’t buy you love and at the end of it all, isn’t that what it is all about?  Having loved and being loved in return?  How does one live a full life if they don’t know their dreams and purpose?  At the end of it all, what can we do for them?  

I guess it all comes down to purpose.  What is your purpose?  Family, a job, to make a difference?  How do you find it?  I was thinking today how easy it is for some people to know their passion, purpose.  How easy it is for them to know their skills and desires in life from the beginning. But what about those who go through life never knowing?  God gives us the desires of our hearts, but our heart is deceitful above all things.  So, how do you reconcile that?  Why doesn’t anyone ever ask these questions? 

People always ask me what I am thinking.  Apparently I think more than your average person. I seldom answer because I haven’t figured it out.  Often I think in questions.  Today, that is all I have.  Questions.  Simple, and yet, so complex.  People say I am wise, not sure why.  Wise seems more to be answers, and all I ever seem to come up with are more questions.  I don’t have answers for you or anyone else or me.  I only know one source with answers.  So, I guess what this all boils down to is not Pouvoir vos rêves se réalisent. I pray for you that Dieu révèle vos rêves à vous or in English, God reveals your dreams to you.